There are these awesome $5 pizza kits in WalMart by the the crescent rolls, biscuits and cinnamon rolls (refrigerated). They are soooo yummy and easy to make two at time and save the rest. My lil guy loves to lick the spatula after spreading the sauce. haha It all started when he saw a Bubble Guppie episode about making pizza.

My little guy LOVES Nick Jr.'s Team Umizoomie! He often pretends to have a shape belt like Geo and throw triangles and circles, etc.                  

So one day I was looking to make him a shape belt. I just moved to a new area and the Wal-Mart here does not have a fabric section (I's sad).

If you're like me and accidentally spend two hours on Pintrest without realizing it when your kids are sleeping, then chances are you have seen these two types of posts. One: the lost sock hanger for the laundry room (super cute). Two: the button letter decor.

My New Year's resolution is to organize my house. I have bought tons of little totes from Dollar Tree and went crazy cleaning out cabinets and drawers.

Of course I saw this on Pintrest from another girl who saw it on Pintrest (Links below) and I just fell in love with these! I used normal white glue so it had to dry over night. Others used hot glue guns but mine busted and to ask for a hot glue gun at Christmas time seemed like bad idea since I rather spend it on something else. :( Poor me. I have a reindeer that I made when I was six years old glued together with white glue and it has held all these years.

I know that I have posted this fun activity before but this time we had a extra friend AND trucks!!! It was an awful rainy day and we needed something to do! I just mix whipped cream or shaving cream and washable paint. You may end up having fun too. I always have to ensure them they won't get in trouble...

We have all see finger print trees for all seasons. SO CUTE. I love anything with my baby's hand, finger, or foot print! I was about to make one when I remembered I had paper bags. I thought "Hey! The tree could stand up!!! So here is Luke and his little buddy's fall tree. They loved it! I put Luke's on the fireplace. :)

I will forever LOVE this paint...

Fall Wreath!

I have started keeping two fun kiddos during the day. We got crafty on day and made a fall wreath. First I got them oversized old shirts to keep their clothes safe. Then I let them take a bucket out into the yard and find leaves and anything else they could find and bring them back to make a pile. I cut a hole into the paper plates to be the base of the wreaths. We then glued all the leaves on to the wreath. I am watching a 5 and 2 year old and Luke (mine) is 3.

Halloween is coming!

I am always looking to save money... ok really I'm looking for ways to keep my husband happy. Luke's first Halloween I made him a Alvin and the Chipmunks costume! It was so fun! I got the red turtle neck shirt from the girls section at Wal-Mart. It was about 4 sizes to big and was the perfect length and $7! My friend's mom found me a plain red hat at a flea market. I added the yellow felt A and poof! He was comfortable, not pulling things off, and warm but not tooo hot.

Our lives have been turned upside down with potty training! Luke has always been a fighter since he was a baby and potty training is no different. Sometimes I have to remind myself that it's just his God given personality and one day it will be a good thing that he tries so hard to get what he wants...Right? You know those "For life's bleachable moments" commercials??? Well, we have had a lot of those days. It not easy to play outside right now.

Luke is soo funny! Poor little guy woke up this morning and said his arms were biting him! He had slept funny and his arms feel asleep. The other day we were playing outside and he said there was a fire in the rd and he HAD to go get it. I told him "No baby, remember you are little and cars can't see you" He replied.. "But I'm to big to be little." I just thought (Well aren't your a wise lil guy)

Unfortunately, I have been ill lately.